ASA Flotillas Mediterranean

With scintillating natural beauty, delicious cuisine, rich history, and world-class sailing conditions, the Mediterranean has something for everyone.

Surrounded by three continents, with almost 1 million square miles of water to explore, visiting sailors can experience a wide variety of scenery including desert plains, mountains, and many different islands – not to mention all the culture and history which is abundant where ever you sail.

The Western Mediterranean includes popular destinations like Spain, Italy, France, Malta and one of the most spectacular sailing locations – the Amalfi Coast.

The East Mediterranean offers unique sailing experiences along the magnificent coast lines of Croatia, Turkey and Greece as well as a large number of islands to explore.

August 23rd - September 1st 2018 Starting from $2,250
ASA Flotilla
The flotilla starts in Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Then you set sail for Croatia - a country with more than a thousand islands, where every island has its own story, customs and local festivities. Escape from the curious views in hidden bays and surrender to the adventure offered by the Mediterranean and discover the charms of the wind...

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