St. Martin, Caribbean
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Valerie Weingrad

The Renaissance Islands consist of three main islands: Anguilla, St Barthelemy, and St Martin; the smallest territory in the world divided between two nations, France and Holland. From the pristine and deserted beaches of Anguilla to the finest gastronomic restaurants of St Martin and to the exciting night life of St Barth, there’s something here for everyone – and all just half a day sailing away! With more than 100 nationalities on less than 25 square miles, St Maarten is a unique island that deserves her nickname: the friendly island.

We will sail around St. Martin (half Dutch, half French), visiting Anguilla (British) and St. Barts (French). The cruising ground is about the same size as The British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.), but less crowded and a bit more challenging.

From sleepy beaches on Anguilla to the fine restaurants and French boutiques on St. Barts, there is something for everyone and a true feeling of being abroad. Sailing conditions are more exposed than The V.I., particularly on the eastern shore of St. Martin, but distances are short. This will be a good place to challenge your skills, or we can arrange a captain.

The Boats: We have reserved several boats, both mono hulls and catamarans for our group. Reservations are available for singles, couples, or if you are a qualified skipper you may put your own group together and choose your boat.

The Price: The price per person will range from $1,695 to $2,495 depending on which vessel you choose, and are based on double occupancy, both on the boat and in the hotel. If you’re single and don’t want to share a cabin, we will have pricing available for you. Contact the flotilla leader Valerie Weingrad for more information. Cabins and choice of boat are available on a first come basis.