ASA 220, Radar Endorsement Instructor

Basic Keelboat Instructor (ASA 201), Basic Coastal Cruising Instructor (ASA 203), Coastal Navigation Instructor (ASA 205)

Successful completion of the Radar Endorsement Exam

Authorized to Certify:
Radar Endorsement (Student Level)

Course and Certification – Overview
Radar Endorsement candidates will complete a self-paced, online radar course before taking a proctored examination, typically administered by an ASA affiliate school owner or public library. A list of the course knowledge standards is attached.

Cost includes radar textbook, online training, Radar Simulator Software with unlimited time license, exam and Power Point presentation for use in training students.  Candidates must pass the proctored examination to receive their Radar Endorsement instructor credentials. Course cost is $299 plus $15 UPS shipping for standard ground delivery.  Note:  ASA’s cost for the instructor package for this endorsement takes into account that the retail cost of the Starpath Navigation Radar Simulator is itself $195.

For individuals that do not need the radar simulator, the package is available without the software for $100 and an additional $10 UPS shipping for standard delivery.
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Challenge Option
Alternatively, candidates with extensive experience with, and understanding of, radar may challenge the course for $50.  Upon successfully passing the course challenge, the instructor will need to purchase an instructor’s package for $125.  Total cost of this option is $175 plus $10 UPS shipping.  NOTE:  ASA does not encourage this option unless the candidate has substantial understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of radar operation.

Registration & Examination Process
ASA 220 Radar Endorsement instructor candidates will sign up through ASA (download the application). After ASA receives payment from the instructor candidate, we will ship the course materials and validation code for the online course.  Candidates may complete the course at their own pace.  When candidates are ready to take the examination, they will notify ASA of the ASA facility at which they would like to take the exam, including school name, address and the name of the person who will be proctoring the examination.

Once the candidate has completed his or her exam, the individual proctoring the exam will mail the exam back to ASA for grading.

Radar Endorsement – Teaching Students
Once a candidate has successfully completed the Radar Endorsement course/exam, he or she will be able to offer the Radar Endorsement to ASA students.  Student prerequisites are 105.  Instructors will obtain student packages from ASA through Affiliate schools, as with all other ASA courses.

Student materials and packages will be available through ASA.  Student packages will include a textbook, workbook and exam.  Students will not be required to purchase an unlimited license radar simulator since their textbook includes a scaled down version that will operate for a 30-day period… enough to complete their course.

Instructors will have a power point presentation and speaker notes/instructor guide which they may use to teach the entire course. Of course, each instructor may add additional topics or detail to the standard course.  Course length is recommended to be three sessions of approximately three hours each.