ASA Voyages Onboard Arabella

New England, New York, the Caribbean, and beyond...
The American Sailing Association charters the mega yacht Arabella for amazing sailing vacations around the world and you are invited to come aboard!
  • Arabella Testimonial Marge

    “Steering a 157 foot schooner under full canvas in 20-25 plus winds was exciting, with the wind tearing at my hair. With beautiful blue skies and turquoise seas in 80 degrees, what could be better?”

    Marge Benning, Denver CO

  • Arabella Testimonial Tracy Kosbau

    “Everything is taken care of. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery, fresh sea air and fantastic ports of call to explore. In a very short time, we all got to know each other and everyone felt like family to me. I learned a lot, and enjoyed sharing this brief moment in time and space on this lovely boat called the Arabella.”

    Tracy Kosbau

  • Arabella Testimonial Tim Shuman

    “What do a film producer, a tech consultant, a dad and his son have in common with a group of Puritans? They all boarded a boat named Arabella bound for Massachusetts, albeit 385 years apart. Unlike John Winthrop and crew the modern passengers sailed in comfort on an ASA sponsored voyage to Martha’s Vinyard, Nantucket and Cuttyhunk islands!”

    Tim Shuman

  • Arabella Testimonial Fred Wyckoff and Gerri Haan

    “Absolutely no better way to relax… A full day of sailing aboard the “melts my heart” Arabella, lobster for dinner and slow trip back to the schooner during golden hour. Fantastic!”

    Fred Wyckoff and Gerri Haan

Upcoming Voyages Aboard Arabella

Arabella Offshore Voyage

November 11th-16th, 2019 - New York to Bermuda

Offshore Passagemaking & Celestial Navigation Endorsement Voyage

Earn your ASA 108 & 117 or your ASA 208 & ASA 217 certifications

Arabella Offshore Voyage

November 22nd-27th, 2019 - Bermuda to the BVIs

Offshore Passagemaking & Celestial Navigation Endorsement Voyage

Earn your ASA 108 & 117 or your ASA 208 & ASA 217 certifications


August 29th - September 4th, 2021

Grand Tour of New England

Newport, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and more...

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