ASA & StarPath Join Forces

to present a series of courses

By special arrangement because of the “One fathom social distancing” plan, David Burch of is making his ASA-approved interactive online courses (105 Coastal Navigation, 107 Celestial Navigation, 119 Weather, 120 Radar) temporarily available to ASA Affiliates to provide to their students.

Why StarPath?

Starpath has over 40 years of experience in classroom teaching and 23 years of online training. They guarantee that you will learn the subject matter well, and enjoy doing it. Live instructors are standing by at all times to provide whatever help is needed.
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Why take these courses?

In this time when you cannot get to the ocean or classes are not being held, the online alternative is ideal. Learn a few skills and get some certifications during this time while you are being asked to stay home.
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How Much Will I Make?

ASA Affiliates will receive a $100 referral fee on every course. These classes were well tested and formalized last year for ASA as a backup for students unable to attend a regular class.

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ASA 105, Coastal Navigation

Learn practical navigation on inland and coastal waters, including chart reading, piloting, rules of the road, tides and currents, and more. Includes both echart and paper chart training. This course is a prerequisite for ASA 106, Advanced Coastal Cruising. For PC or Mac computers.

ASA 107, Celestial Navigation

Learn practical celestial navigation and other aspects of safe ocean navigation. No previous navigation experience is required — the only math involved is arithmetic. This course is a prerequisite for ASA 108, Offshore Passagemaking. For PC or Mac computers.

ASA 119, Marine Weather Endorsement

Learn to observe and forecast weather conditions using traditional maritime skills and modern technology. Knowledge of weather information for planning and adapting navigation during short duration and extended voyages. For PC or Mac computers.

ASA 120, Radar Endorsement

Learn to properly use small-craft radar (or radar simulator) for piloting, navigation, and collision avoidance. Knowledge of radar principles and practical matters of radar operation. Includes a copy of the Starpath Radar Trainer simulator. This course is for PC computers only.


As the affiliate you are expected to...

Schools sell the course, which costs $380, by directing their students to a sign up page on using their unique referral URL.
ASA forwards the student registration information to Starpath.
Starpath sends the students the printed materials and the serial numbers needed to enroll, along with the instructions for the enrollment , which can be viewed here, and the general instructions that apply to all courses, which can be viewed here.
Starpath sends ASA an invoice for the purchase.
Starpath instructors handle all course matters including answering questions and grading quizzes, along with live tech support on any technical issues.
After the student completes the certification test, ASA will process the certification and mail the student a certificate and a seal for their ASA Logbook. The student will update their own logbook to show the certification being awarded by Starpath and the instructor listed would be David Burch.
ASA sends the referral commission to the ASA affiliate.


A team effort between you, StarPath and ASA.

Everyone involved wants your event to be a success so we are all going to pool our resources to help spread the word.


You will be provided with a template that you can use to promote the event to your own local email list. ASA and StarPath will also send out emails to their own email lists to help promote your event.


In addition to promoting the event on your own social media, ASA and StarPath will make sure that your classes is shared with their respective audiences.


We've Set This Up So Everybody Wins

per registration

The registration fee will be a total of $380 which includes the online course, the ASA approved test, the ASA certification fee, and shipping for the course materials. All administrative actions will be performed by ASA. Also included, a 1 year ASA Membership or 1 year extension of ASA Membership.

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