ASA's Online Prep Classes

Online classes that ASA Affiliates can offer to their students to help them prepare for in-person sailing courses.

American Sailing is making these classes available to all affiliates for zero cost.
That's right, 100% FREE!

Benefits of Offering Online Classes

Online content has continued to become a necessary element of sailing education. We are focused on continuing to create tools for ASA Affiliate Schools to reach potential students and help them learn in a fun and engaging way.


Your students will be able to start learning online immediately after signing up for a sailing course with you. This instant gratification keeps the student excited about learning to sail and gives them a way to jump right in. It also helps your school compete in a marketplace that includes other online class providers.
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Improve Experience

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Learning to sail is challenging and there is a lot of nomenclature and new concepts to master. These online classes will help your students be prepared before they show up for class, allowing for more on-the-water instruction.


All the online prep classes feature a completion certificate so you can require your student to complete the online class before the first in-person day. With your students learning via self-study, you can plan on less time in the classroom and still produce the same high level of certified sailors.
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Each one of these online prep classes is valued at $59, but as an affiliate, it costs you nothing. By adding this online class to your courses you are increasing their value making them more appealing and/or more profitable.
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All of these online prep classes are available for our Affiliates to use for FREE!


ASA 101: Online Intro To Sailing

This online sailing class is aimed at new sailors and introduces the fundamentals of sailing including important vocabulary, safety skills, and how sailboats work.

ASA 102: Keelboat Sailing 2 - Online Prep Class

This online class is for any sailor interested in building their core sailing skills. This includes becoming more proficient at sail trim and close-quarter maneuvering. It also includes improving your crew skills and working together as a team to make your vessel move more efficiently through the water.

ASA 103: Coastal Cruising - Online Prep Class

Building on the basics of sailing this online course dives into the intricacies of cruising sailboats, unlocking their inner workings. It introduces sailors to topics including navigation, weather, docking, and more.
These online classes are not intended to replace textbooks, time in the classroom, or student exams. They are designed as a supplemental teaching tool that introduces and explains sailing topics in a new and interactive way.

The Process

3 simple steps for affiliates + 3 simple steps for students


Affiliates request access to the online prep class by completing the application form below.
American Sailing shares unique links, including a promo code, to each of the online prep classes.
Affiliates can share their promo code and/or link with students who have signed up to take an in-person course at their school.


Visit and enroll in the online prep class for their course using the promo code provided by their school.
Complete the online class, including videos, quizzes, and more, at their own pace
Take the exam at the end of the online class to earn a completion certificate that can be downloaded and shared with the school as proof of completion.


A team effort between you, StarPath and ASA.

Everyone involved wants your event to be a success so we are all going to pool our resources to help spread the word.


You will be provided with a template that you can use to promote the event to your own local email list. ASA and StarPath will also send out emails to their own email lists to help promote your event.


In addition to promoting the event on your own social media, ASA and StarPath will make sure that your classes is shared with their respective audiences.

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