ASA & North U Join Forces

to present a series of Sail Trim Seminars

This winter is a great time to host a seminar!

Seminars are a great way to spend time with your sailors and prospects. They add something new and exciting to your class schedule that will attract new customers and may reignite interest from existing ones.

The best part about this opportunity is that you stand to make a decent return and you'll benefit from lots of support from both ASA and North U in order to make your seminar a success!

Why North U?

North U has been the leader in sailing seminars since 1980. Their programs offer the latest in performance sailing techniques in an engaging interactive format that makes the course fun and effective. North U Seminars feature great instructors – expert sailors with years of teaching experience. The seminar is about sailing, not sea stories.
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Why Host a Seminar?

Seminars get your sailors excited about their sailing and racing. The more they learn, the better they sail, and the more they invest in their sailing. Beyond their educational value, this seminar will provide a welcome opportunity for you to see your customers and prospects during the off-season.
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How Much Will I Make?

As a host you will receive a percentage of all the registration fees. In addition you’ll have the opportunity to make money on the sale of course books and other materials.

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Course Outline

Boat Speed & Sail Trim Seminar

Sailing UPWIND

Sailing efficiently upwind - against the force that drives us - is a marvel of modern design. The North U Trim Seminar provides fundamental understanding of the forces behind upwind sailing as well as nuances of trim to optimize upwind performance.

Upwind topics include mainsail and jib trim, helming, and a special Trim Solutions section to solve the most baffling problems in upwind performance. The Trim curriculum shows how angle of attack, depth, and twist combine to control upwind power, and how to change trim to improve performance. The interactive Sail Trim Simulator allows you to see how changes in sail controls change sail shape and performance, while video clips show real life trim and performance technique.


Sailing downwind is easy. Optmizing downwind performance is tricky. Downwind sections of the Trim Seminar cover both symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers and show how the coordinated efforts of the full team provide subtle but critical improvements in downwind performance.

You’ll learn how to control and optimize spinnaker shape with refinements that take you beyond the basics. You’ll also learn how to coordinate trim, helm, and crew weight to sail faster, deeper, and with more control.

We also cover differences in design and trim technique that distinguish symmetric and asymmetric trim. Plus we cover non- spinnaker trim for those who race under Jib and Main.

Fast Faster Fastest

The differences between good and great trim, between OK and fast boat speed, between close and victory are small and nuanced. Kick your speed up a notch at the North U Sail Trim Seminar.


  • Race & Win
    • The Racing Pyramid
    • Performance Analysis
  • Upwind Sail Trim
    • Theory in Brief
    • Goal Oriented Trim
    • Angle of Attack, Depth, and Twist
  • Genoa Trim
    • Lead the Boat Upwind
    • Total Power Trim
    • Genoa Shape and Controls
    • Power, Angle of Attack, Depth, and Twist
    • Trim, Speed, Balance
    • Target Boat Speed
    • Matching Trim to Conditions
    • Coordinating Trim to the Helm
  • Mainsail Trim
    • Follow the Leader
    • Trim, Speed, Balance
    • Total Power Trim
    • Mainsail Shape and Controls
    • Power, Angle of Attack, Depth, and Twist
    • Target Boat Speed
    • Trimming to Point
    • Trim for Speed
    • Wave vs Smooth Water Trim
  • Helmsmanship
    • Target Boat Speed
    • Trim, Speed, Balance
    • Steer by the Telltales
    • Do NOT steer by the Telltales
    • Calling Trim from the Helm
  • Trim Solutions
    • Performance Problems/Trim Solutions
    • Pointing
    • Speed
    • Light Air
    • Heavy Air
    • Chop
    • Binary Power
  • Spinnaker Trim
    • Initial Spinnaker Trim
    • Reaching Trim
    • Running/VMG Trim
    • Light Air & Heavy Air Technique
    • Pole adjustment
    • Helming
  • Asymmetrical Spinnaker Trim
    • Initial Asymmetric Trim
    • Reaching Trim
    • Running/ VMG Trim
    • Light Air & Heavy Air Technique
    • Tackline Trim
    • Helming
  • Wing & Wing Trim
    • Pole Position and Air Flow
    • Sailing Angles
    • Leeward Pole Reaching
  • Conclusion
    • A Tactical Wizard

HOSTING Guidelines

As the host you are expected to provide the following...


The location should be large enough to host at least 40 attendees. The more attendees you can host, the more profitable the seminar will be.

If you don't have a large enough space at your school then consider hosting at a local yacht club, community center, or hotel.


The room should be setup like a classroom with tables and chairs that face the front of the room.

There should also be a whiteboard or a blackboard available at the front of the classroom


The ideal set up is a large 8x8 screen and a project. The instructor will bring their own projector (and computer) but having an additional projector onsite is always a good idea. Remember that the projector will also need a table and power!


Having control over lighting is critical and often overlooked. In order for the seminar to run smoothly it should be possible to darken the room during the day - too many windows and insufficient window coverings can be a problem.


The seminar should include refreshments during breaks, such as coffee & snacks. You should also offer lunch as an option. Participants will have the option of buying lunch when they register. You will be responsible for sourcing and managing the catering for your event.


A team effort between you, North U and ASA.

Everyone involved wants your event to be a success so we are all going to pool our resources to help spread the word about your seminar.


You will be provided with a template that you can use to promote the event to your own local email list. ASA and NorthU will also send out emails to their own email lists to help promote your event.


In addition to promoting the event on your own social media, ASA and North U will make sure that your event is shared with their respective audiences.


We've Set This Up So Everybody Wins

of registration fees

The registration fee for the full day seminar is $129. As the host you get 30% of this revenue.

The North U Sail Trim Book and the North U Tactics Book retail for $25 each and are sold for $20 when purchased with the seminar. As the host, your cost is $13 + shipping. Books can be sold during registration and on-site during the seminar.
Typically hosts collect $12/ lunch in addition to the registration fee. However, the lunch fee usually covers your cost so you won't make a profit, but you shouldn't be losing money on catering either.

Every event is unique but if your event has 40 attendees then as the host you should expect to make $1,800.
If you have 75 attendees then you can expect to make upwards of $3,000.

If you're interested in the idea of hosting a seminar we can delve deeper into the economics with you...


If you're interested, please fill out the form below. There is no commitment at this stage but we're expecting a lot of interest so you should lock in your preferred dates ASAP!
First affiliates to register receive priority!

If you have any questions please contact Elbert "Ash" Ashbaugh at ASA.

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