Earn a 10% commission

No Signup, No Commitment, No Hassle.

As an ASA Affiliate School you can simply add one or more links on your website that point to the ASA Store and we’ll do the rest.
Every quarter you’ll receive a 10% commission check based on all the purchases made by customers you referred.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. A 10% commission will be calculated on revenue received (after the deduction of all discounts / coupons) , excluding shipping revenue.
  2. ASA reserves the right to terminate this campaign at any time.
  3. Checks will be written on a quarterly basis provided the check amount exceeds $50.
  4. A “referral” is deemed to be made each time a member clicks through to the ASA store from the affiliate website and a resulting online sale is made.
  5. Commissions will not apply on any products that are subsequently refunded to the member.
  6. This promotion applies to purchases made at the member ASA online store only and not the affiliate / instructor store.

Add An ASA Store Button To Your Website

This is the perfect button to add to the footer of your website. It’s convenient for your customers to find, easy for them to click, and a great way for you to start earning a commission.

Simply copy & paste the code below onto your website – remember to replace yoursailingschool.com with your own url otherwise you won’t receive credit for any referrals.

<a href=”https://store.asa.com/?utm_source=yoursailingschool.com&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=asa-store-kb” target=”_blank”> <img src=”http://asa.com/_affiliates/btn-store.png” alt=”ASA Store”></a>

If you wish to host the images on your own website please click on the following buttons to download the button images, or right click and select save image:

ASA Store Store Button

Add A Link To A Product in the ASA Store

Use these links in the descriptions of your ASA courses or in your blog articles about sailing gear. For example, perhaps you recommend your ASA 101 students buy gloves before their first class, or perhaps a navigation course requires a Nautical Slide Rule.

Simply copy the URL of the product in the ASA Store that you wish to link to and append the following text to the end of the URL – remember to replace yoursailingschool.com with your own url otherwise you won’t receive credit for any referrals.


For example, here’s the code for an ASA Hat:

<a href=”https://store.asa.com/asa-logo-hat.html?utm_source=yoursailingschool.com&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=asa-store-kb” target=”_blank”>Buy an ASA Hat!</a>

For technical support contact asawebmaster@asa.com