Learn-to-sail Vacation Marketing

A program for American Sailing Affiliates to promote their learn-to-sail vacation events

Affiliate Responsibilities & Obligations

To help assure that learn-to-sail vacation (LSV) participants have an enjoyable, consistent experience, and because an LSV advertised on our website reflects on American Sailing's reputation, American Sailing has established the following guidelines for Affiliates who wish to list an LSV on American Sailing’s website.

  • The affiliate must submit a Learn To Sail Vacation Application (should be submitted a minimum of three months before the event)
  • Each LSV listing requires a $50 admin fee. Payment must be completed when submitting the Learn-To-Sail Vacation Application online. There will be no refunds if the event is canceled.
  • The affiliate must plan and handle all learn-to-sail vacation logistics, guest reservations, and customer payments/refunds.
  • As part of the guest registration process, Affiliates must ensure that event participants sign a liability waiver and an optional model release. Affiliates should keep these on file with their other school records.
  • Affiliates are asked to fly an American Sailing burgee on all learn-to-sail vacation boats when possible.
  • Affiliates should capture and provide American Sailing with photos, videos, and testimonials of the event that we will share on our website, social media, and publications.

American Sailing Marketing Activities

American Sailing will post learn-to-sail vacations on our website on a first come, first served basis and will not limit participation. Affiliates do not get an “exclusive” on a particular time and/or location. American Sailing will post all learn-to-sail vacations that pay the administrative fee and comply with the guidelines listed above.

Learn-To-Sail Vacations will be promoted in the following ways:

  • The Learn-To-Sail Vacation will have a dedicated page with an itinerary, photos, testimonials, and a contact form published on the American Sailing Vacations website.
  • The Learn-To-Sail Vacation will be included in regular LSV-themed marketing emails sent to all American Sailing subscribers. Plus, LSVs may occasionally be included in other email marketing campaigns.


This form is specifically for Learn-To-Sail Vacation events. See all available event types >

Once you’ve submitted your Application...

  1. Upload photos including
    • Headshots for all your testimonials (optional, but highly recommended)
    • Pictures related to your learn-to-sail vacation (boats, destinations, etc) (required)
    • NOTE: Images should be should high resolution (the smallest dimension should be greater than 1200 pixels).

  2. Upload PDF or provide a link to your website
    • The PDF (or webpage) should contain detailed information about the Learn-To-Sail Vacation including the planned itinerary, available boats, and detailed pricing.

For all enquires about the Flotilla Application please contact support@asa.com