New York Sailing Center

“The ’boutique’ school, where we give you MORE of what you go to sailing school for!”SM We offer a wide range of courses from Basic to Bareboat and beyond. Need to start from scratch, or get a serious refresher? Our fun and comprehensive Start Sailing course (ASA 101) is offered frequently at our City Island base from April through October. Need to step it up a notch? Take one of our cruising or navigation courses locally this season (103-106). Want to vacation while doing it? Join one of our instructional sailing vacations in the Mediterranean or Caribbean in the fall or winter.

Should You Be Sailing During The Coronavirus

UPDATE: Get the latest recommendations from the CDC at Before you decide to go sailing you should check with your local county, city or municipality to understand what they are recommending. While some cities/counties are on a soft lockdown your locations may not be on restrictions. For example, in New York, everyone is ordered to work from home but solitary walks and outdoor exercise is permitted. In California, walks outside are permitted while practicing social distancing. Those two states are being effected greatly by the Coronavirus and your location may have different restrictions. How those restrictions relate to sailing …

Online Sailing Course

The Benefits of a Summer Sailing Program for Teenagers

My son was 13 years old when I put him on a flight to St. Martin, alone. He was off to discover the world of sailing without his family. He had already logged plenty of time on the family boat but this experience was different. This was a summer program with kids his own age. He would spend two weeks on a catamaran with 12 other teenagers and they would sail, SCUBA dive and explore the waters and islands around St. Martin and St. Barts.  It would prove to be highly beneficial to my son, not only to experience the …

Learning To Sail In New York City

Can New York City Be Your Summer Sailing Destination? When I turned my back on the Statue of Liberty, the view of New York City romanticized everything about this metropolis. Sunshine bouncing off the ripples in New York Harbor, the sounds of the chaos on the city streets replaced by the sounds of a boat cutting across the water. New York from the harbor is enchanting.

Online Sailing Course

Lady Liberty Regatta in New York Harbor

The American Sailing Association has launched a new campaign designed to get more women on the water. The “Women Wake Up Zone” encourages more women to take the helm. The Manhattan Yacht Club is hosting the Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-female regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. Manhattan Sailing School is the public teaching arm of Manhattan Yacht Club. Women On The Water The top women sailors are about to compete in a New York Harbor Regatta. The Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest and most active sailing club in the New York Harbor, will host The Lady Liberty Regatta, …

ASA Desktop Wallpaper Sailing Calendar - December 2019

Desktop Wallpaper Sailing Calendar

ASA is proud to present a series of calendar wallpapers for your desktop. Every month we will have a new sailing picture that will inspire you to pursue your passion of sailing. As a bonus each picture will include a calendar – what sailor doesn’t want something that is nice to look at and useful! This desktop wallpaper photograph is by Pat Reynolds a marine photographer out of Los Angeles California. Reynolds’ photographs have been seen in publications such as Sailing World, Sailing, Multihulls, New York Daily News, Latitude 38 and many other websites and local publications. He also publishes …

Spotlight on Sailing in New York

The Bronx is up, and the Battery’s down. But in the great state of New York, there’s sailing in every direction. While perhaps not as strongly associated with sailing culture as some of the nearby Eastern seaboard states, New York is actually a huge sailing destination, offering a ton of variety. Just pick the kind of sailing you’re into (Open ocean? Wide bay? Serene rivers and lakes?) and then find an ASA sailing school nearby!