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Learning To Sail Is Just The Beginning

Over 350 professional sailing schools around the world teach ASA courses.

These facilities give sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities.

New Member Benefits
New Member Benefits

New Member Benefits

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Catamaran Video

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Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail
Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail

Online Sailing Course
"Your First Sail"


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Your First Charter Sailing Vacation

Your First Charter Sailing Vacation Planning your first Sailing charter vacation can be as easy as asking; Where do you want to sail? Who is going to sail with you? How much do you want to pay? However, once you get past the obvious planning logistics the not so obvious questions arise. Read More...
Castle Harbor Boating, FL

Castle Harbor Boating School

Castle Harbor Boating School - Coral Gables, FL Castle Harbor Boating has been in business since 1949 and offers a variety of programs in sailing training. Located in Coral Gables' beautiful Matheson Hammock Park Marina, we sail on Biscayne Bay which Dennis Connor the famous sailor, described as "America's best sailing venue". Read More...
ASA's Ocean Quiz

The Ocean Quiz

The Ocean Quiz Do we really know how much plastic is on our ocean? We love to sail but do we know enough about what is beneath the surface of the water that we enjoy? Take this quick quiz on what lies beneath the surface as well as what gets into the ocean. Read More...
Flotilla, Martha’s Vineyard & the Cape Cod Islands

2019 Narragansett Sailing School Martha’s Vineyard Flotilla

2019 Narragansett Sailing School Martha’s Vineyard Flotilla Let’s go to Martha’s Vineyard and the Cape Cod Islands! Captained by an ASA instructor who has sailed these waters for over 30 years. September is the BEST month to see these quaint New England villages. We will stay in t Read More...

Women On The Water – The Journey of the Arctic Loon

Women On The Water – The Journey of the Arctic Loon “I have a boat and the time, and I can’t think of any reason not to.” These were the words that started female Sailing Captains Diana Trump and Anne Alberg’s journey to the South Pacific. Diana’s husband Jeff was unable to leave his business for early retirement, but she felt this was her time for the offshore adventure. Jeff supported her in every way including his invaluable technology expertise. On August 31, 2018, Diana and Anne (an ASA Instructor/USCG Charter Skipper) left Seattle for New Zealand. The journey aboard SV (sailing vessel) Arctic Loon would take 14 months. Arctic Loon … Continue reading Women On The Water – The Journey of the Arctic Loon Read More...
Wuhan Sailing Club - China ~ An ASA Certified Sailing School

Wuhan Sailing Club

Wuhan Sailing Club - China Wuhan sailing club is located in the East Lake scenic area of Wuhan city, Hubei province. Our ASA training instructor is Shen Sheng, who won the men's laser class champion in the Asian games in 2002. Read More...



The American Sailing Association introduced certifications to the United States over 35 years ago. Today, with 350+ sailing schools worldwide and 522,000 ASA-certified sailors, ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of schools in the United States.

Get Certified!


Earning an ASA certification will become one of your prized accomplishments. Not only does it evidence your new sailing ability to the world, it gives you the confidence to maximize your experience. Visit an ASA school to learn more about how a friendly professional ASA certified instructor can help you accomplish your dreams.

Nothing Beats Sailing!


Whether you are sailing a small boat across a lake on a quiet afternoon, or watching the sun come up on an ocean crossing, there is truly no sport like sailing. Start sailing with an American Sailing Association certified school near you!

Adventure Awaits


Whether you’re already an active sailor or have never set foot on a sailboat, the American Sailing Association offers many exciting opportunities to experience sailing. Check out our flotilla schedule and choose to join us for a once in a lifetime sailing vacation in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or South Pacific!