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Learning To Sail Is Just The Beginning

Over 350 professional sailing schools around the world teach ASA courses.

These facilities give sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities.

Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail
Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail

Online Sailing Course
"Your First Sail"

ASA 104 Collection
ASA 104 Collection

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ASA 104 Collection

Sailing Challenge V2
Sailing Challenge V2



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500k Certified Sailors

More People Introduced to the Sailing Lifestyle by ASA Than Any Other Boating Organization Worldwide

More People Introduced to the Sailing Lifestyle by ASA Than Any Other Boating Organization Worldwide The American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s premiere sail education authority, announced today that it recently exceeded the major milestone of certifying half a million sailors. Read More...

Florida Keys Sailing

Florida Keys Sailing - Marathon, FL “Hi…my name is GDub and I own Florida Keys Sailing. With exception to areas out of the United States, the Florida Keys is sailing in paradise. Those that come here do so to learn and find the catalyst to further dreams. I feel that my job is to open that door and help you find that moment, that unbelievable feeling that conveys- this is what life is really about, and if I don’t do it … Continue reading Florida Keys Sailing Read More...
New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions for Sailors

New Years Resolutions for Sailors Ah yes, the dawn of a new year. The slate is sparkling clean – you can now be the person you always wanted to be. Shake the Etch a Sketch and start anew. With the introduction in place, here are 5 New Years resolutions for the sailing breed. Feel free to add your own in … Continue reading New Years Resolutions for Sailors Read More...
Belize Sailing Vacations Flotilla

Islands of Belize

Islands of Belize Sailing with Belize Sailing Vacation's ASA certified instructors & crew offers you the ultimate opportunity to explore the spectacular paradise islands that Belize has to offer, aboard your own private luxury catamaran. Sail Read More...
Captain Kupps

Kupps Full of Dreams

Kupps Full of Dreams Sailing not only makes life more enjoyable, it can produce unforgettable adventures that can literally change lives. The story of Captain Robert Kupps is an example of where a person gets the sailing bug, obtains all possible certifications, and then decides to change course and make sailing their livelihood. Read More...
Bill's Little Informal Sailboat School in Japan

Bill’s Little Informal Sailboat School

Bill’s Little Informal Sailboat School - Japan Since 2004, Bill’s Little Informal Sailboat School (Bliss) has become an affordable small sailing school and resource center for those who want to enjoy local sailing and/or study for the Japan Small Vessel Operator’s Permit. Read More...



The American Sailing Association introduced certifications to the United States over 35 years ago. Today, with 350+ sailing schools worldwide and 504,000 ASA-certified sailors, ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of schools in the United States.

Get Certified!


Earning an ASA certification will become one of your prized accomplishments. Not only does it evidence your new sailing ability to the world, it gives you the confidence to maximize your experience. Visit an ASA school to learn more about how a friendly professional ASA certified instructor can help you accomplish your dreams.

Nothing Beats Sailing!


Whether you are sailing a small boat across a lake on a quiet afternoon, or watching the sun come up on an ocean crossing, there is truly no sport like sailing. Start sailing with an American Sailing Association certified school near you!

Adventure Awaits


Whether you’re already an active sailor or have never set foot on a sailboat, the American Sailing Association offers many exciting opportunities to experience sailing. Check out our flotilla schedule and choose to join us for a once in a lifetime sailing vacation in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or South Pacific!