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Over 350 professional sailing schools around the world teach ASA courses.

These facilities give sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities.

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Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail
Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail

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ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey, Sail Solomons

ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey, Sail Solomons If you need a sample of what a resume should look like you would look no further than the background of Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey. A few highlights include retired Navy Captain, C-130 Aircraft Navigator, Oceanographer, Meteorologist, ASA Instructor and USCG Master since 2006.  She is the founder of Sail Solomons and an ASA Oustanding Instructor.  More importantly, she loves sharing her love of sailing with everyone. Perhaps the most important thing to know about Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey is her belief that sailing is for everyone, “ Sailing knows no age, no race or religion, no wealth category.  I’ve seen … Continue reading ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey, Sail Solomons Read More...

Sebago Sailing

Sebago Sailing - Sebago Lake, ME Picture yourself learning to sail on the crystal clear waters of the 3rd largest lake in New England! Incredibly clean water, warm summer on shore breezes, stunning views of surrounding islands and mountains including Mt. Washington. We offer a relaxing, easy way to enjoy learning to sail. Breathing in fresh Maine air come enjoy Sebago Lake with none of the sounds common in the hustle and bustle life we'd all like to leave behind for a bit. Read More...

5 Spots To Use Your ASA 101 Certification

5 Spots To Use Your ASA 101 Certification Not long ago I watched as a pair of newlyweds hired my 12-year-old to teach them how to sail. We were on vacation and my two boys had been zipping across the horizon for over an hour and as they sailed the Hobie Cat back onto the sand the newly married couple negotiated a chartered cruise right on the spot. My son, ever the opportunist, jumped aboard, handed them life vests and explained where the couple would sit. He then had his younger brother give them a gentle push off the shore. Just like that, the couple was on a … Continue reading 5 Spots To Use Your ASA 101 Certification Read More...
Bermuda to St. Martin Flotilla 2019

Bermuda to St. Martin Flotilla

Bermuda to St. Martin Flotilla This adventurous ocean passage offers sailors an exceptional opportunity to explore four Caribbean island-nations and gain more knowledge, training and experience with liveaboard/cruising sailing! Fly into Bermuda and experie Read More...

ASA Featured Instructor: Stacey Brooks, SeaDog Sailing

ASA Featured Instructor: Stacey Brooks, SeaDog Sailing Stacey Brooks seems to always be on a boat. She recently completed a sailing adventure in Cuba and will be sharing her stories from that journey with ASA readers in the near future. Her school, Sea Dog Sailing is based in The British Virgin Islands. If there was ever a person who personifies what ASA is trying to promote with the “Women on the Water” campaign it is captain Stacey Brooks and her ever valuable first mate Allison Beauvais. Captain Stacey is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor. Read More...
Ying Yang Sailing Club, Qinhuangdao, China ~ An ASA Certified Sailing School

Qinhuangdao Ying Yang Sailing Club

Qinhuangdao Ying Yang Sailing Club - China The Ying Yang Sailing Club is located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, a beautiful coastal city. The Club was established in 2013. It is dedicated to the promotion of maritime sports, focusing on sailing education and training, youth summer camp, competition services, group building and ship trusteeship. Read More...



The American Sailing Association introduced certifications to the United States over 35 years ago. Today, with 350+ sailing schools worldwide and 522,000 ASA-certified sailors, ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of schools in the United States.

Get Certified!


Earning an ASA certification will become one of your prized accomplishments. Not only does it evidence your new sailing ability to the world, it gives you the confidence to maximize your experience. Visit an ASA school to learn more about how a friendly professional ASA certified instructor can help you accomplish your dreams.

Nothing Beats Sailing!


Whether you are sailing a small boat across a lake on a quiet afternoon, or watching the sun come up on an ocean crossing, there is truly no sport like sailing. Start sailing with an American Sailing Association certified school near you!

Adventure Awaits


Whether you’re already an active sailor or have never set foot on a sailboat, the American Sailing Association offers many exciting opportunities to experience sailing. Check out our flotilla schedule and choose to join us for a once in a lifetime sailing vacation in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or South Pacific!