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USCG Captain Class

To Anchor Light or Not to Anchor Light?

500-mb Weather Charts

Sailing History - Literally!

Youth: The Future of ASA?

Boat Maneuvering 

Docking downwind under sail

Docking in reverse

Docking keelboat under power

Docking powerboats

Docking under sail - general

Docking upwind under sail

Docking with wind on beam under sail

Educational Resources

Practical Sailor - We take the guesswork out of boat & gear buying.


"Exploding" knots - Knots untied with one tug

Knot tying - Another excellent animated illustrations

Knot tying - Excellent animated illustrations

Knot tying - Basic knots - animated illustrations

Knot typing - Intermediate knots, illustrated and misc rope information

Map Links

American Somoa

Australia and the Pacific

Bahamas and Cuba


Islands in the Caribbean



Massachusettes State with Cape Cod

Polar Region and Oceans Maps

St. Vincent & Grenadines

The World Fact book

Trinidad & Tabago

Turks & Caicos

United States - maps as a whole and by state (may use for FREE)

Virgin Islands

World Ocean Currents