Sailing Schools, Bay Area Classes

San Francisco is home to one of the most active and scenic sailing destinations in all of North America. If you live in or around the area, chances are that you've witnessed just how much fun people are having out on the bay with their sailboats. When you get tired of sitting on the sidelines, we hope you take the first steps towards learning to sail safely and effectively by enrolling in one of the ASA's sailing schools. Bay Area classes are very flexible and offer affordable enrollment opportunities. And if you don't live in San Francisco, just use the Find a Sailing School link on the main page to search for the courses nearest you. You'll find schools throughout North America, including all of these top destinations for sailors:

You can turn to any of these schools for everything from basic instruction to earning your sailing certification. Extended details on certification and course opportunities can be found throughout

Earn Sailing Certification for Keelboats

If you truly want to master your sailboat and use your skills to provide enjoyment for your friends and family for a lifetime, we can't stress the importance of certification enough. Sailing certification through the ASA will afford you top credentials that are recognized by schools and charter companies the whole world over. The courses that lead to certification have even been approved by the United States Coast Guard, which uses the ASA's basic textbook as its introductory sailing guide for its own sailors. Thousands of professional instructors from around the world have earned their certifications from the ASA's premier sailing schools. Bay Area students, new sailors in Annapolis, Maryland and eager newcomers from everywhere in between can redefine recreation for themselves by pursuing their certification with us.

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