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News-11-Find My Charter

Find My Charter News

Don’t miss out on the best charters in the US and abroad in 2015! Captained, crewed, and bareboat charters are available, but the best boats and deals are going fast! Find My Charter makes it so easy for ASA members to take the next step and explore new waters, especially with all the new boats and bases we’ve added this year. Whether you’re looking to charter in the Caribbean for the first time or the Mediterranean for the hundredth, Find My Charter is your charter concierge, working around the clock to assure that everything going smoothly. Chartering is effortless! ASA Members receive $100 ASA store credit when they book with Find My Charter.

It just got easier to bareboat in the Sea of Cortez with the opening of Dream Yacht Charter base in La Paz, Mexico! They are off to a great start as of October 2014 and have filled the void that the Moorings left when they pulled out over a year ago. Horizon Yacht Charters added another base to their Caribbean locations by opening their doors in St. Vincent – a much needed compliment to their Grenada base – making one way trips in the Windwards more accessible. There is more to look forward to in 2015 as Dream opens their base in Angra Dos Reis, Brazil – just south of Rio de Janeiro. SailCaribe has expanded their base in Puerto Rico – they have doubled their fleet and offer new Jeanneau’s and Lagoon’s, meeting a great demand for bareboats in the Spanish Virgins. We are now offering bareboats in Malta and the Azores – adding some spice to the list of destinations that can be booked!

Explore destinations, find boats, and book your next charter at

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ASA First 22

ASA members can now purchase ASA’s brand new boat, the ASA First 22. It was modeled after the successful First 20 and designed in collaboration with Beneteau especially for ASA members and schools! The ASA First 22 is recognized for its safety features, stability, comfort, and sleek design. The roomy cockpit fits five adults comfortably making it perfect for family sails and helping friends and children learn the ropes. The retail price is $29,900, but there is a special limited time price for ASA members! Contact Chris Doscher, the Beneteau America Sailboat Sales Manager, at 843.810.2020 or by email at to learn more about this deal.


The holidays are just around the corner!

ASA’s new bareboat cruising book is the perfect addition to any cruising sailor’s collection. Whether they’re going on their very first bareboat cruise at home or chartering abroad for the tenth time, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy is a fantastic holiday gift. The all-inclusive text features everything from packing guidelines to sailing tips, and the gorgeous design, diagrams, and photographs make it a treat to flip through. Find Bareboat Cruising Made Easy online at!


ASA Unveils Innovative Textbook

ASA’s brand new textbook, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, has just been released to national acclaim. The updated manual of ASA’s bareboat cruising standard is designed to help sailors prepare for a bareboat charter or extended cruise. The book is much more than just a textbook for ASA 104 students, however. Bareboat Cruising Made Easy is a one-stop cruising reference for all sailors, whether they have a few months or a few decades of sailing experience. It covers everything a sailor needs to know about skippering a boat in new waters, from what to wear to how to troubleshoot the bilge pump. Continue reading

News-Sailing Fun for Kids

Sailing Fun for Kids

Sailing is more fun with family and friends, so why not get your kids on the water on your next Caribbean vacation? The American Sailing Association is excited to debut the ultimate learn-to-sail experience for kids: A four day course available at three different Beaches Resorts! The class, appropriately named Sailing Fun, is designed to introduce kids ages eight to fourteen to the joy of sailing. The program is available daily to guests of Beaches Turks & Caicos, Beaches Negril, and Beaches Ocho Rios. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your ‘Nautical know how’ and learn to navigate the crystal clear waterways of the Caribbean! Continue reading

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Sailing is a Great Way to Spend Quality Time with your Family

Whether you have a six-year-old son or a sixteen-year-old daughter, sailing is a wonderful bonding experience that everyone in the family will enjoy. Next time you suggest board games and the kids roll their eyes, try something new that you’ll delight in as well. The adventure-seeker in your family will be drawn to exploring new coastlines and traveling the world. The risk-taker will love the prospect of heavy-wind sailing through relentless seas. The artist will be inspired by the boat’s beautiful lines and the ocean’s ever-changing shades of blue and green. The athlete will catch sight of a fierce catamaran or laser and yearn to try it out. Even the indoor kid with an affinity for physics will find joy in understanding how everything works. Sailing really is for everyone. Continue reading

News - ASA Credentials

When it Comes to Your Sailing Education, You’re the Boss!

One of the most important parts of beginning your sailing education is finding the right sailing school. Every individual has different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and ideal learning methods. Likewise, every sailing school has different instructors, courses, boats, and teaching methods. Even a school’s location can affect your sailing education. For example, learning to sail in San Francisco Bay’s heavy winds _MG_7819might scare one student and motivate another. Here at ASA, we want to provide every sailor with a sailing education that conforms to their needs and inspires them to continue sailing. We know this for sure: you know yourself, and we know sailing. So it’s up to you to determine where you will be happiest and learn the most.

Aside from perusing each sailing school’s website, the best way you can determine what school is the best fit is by calling them. It might seem a little old fashioned to the younger generation, but by talking to a human being you will be able to get all your questions answered and get a real feel for the school. You are essentially interviewing each school for the opportunity to teach you how to sail. That’s one of the huge benefits of learning to sail with ASA… We have so many schools that you always have a choice! Continue reading

News - ASA Credentials

Guanabara Bay: A Reminder to Preserve our Seas

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” –John F. Kennedy

As sailors, we are inextricably linked to the ocean. On the most basic level, we need it to practice the sport we love. Even more importantly, we need a healthy ocean. Not just for the sake of our passion, but for the sake of our planet and the generations to come. Recent reports from Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 Olympic Sailing venue, bring to light the contamination of our seas and its influence on even the most highly regarded regattas.

You won't find clear water or healthy sea life in Guanabara Bay.
You won’t find clear water or healthy sea life in Guanabara Bay.

Rio’s first official test event at Guanabara Bay will take place in less than three months, and it is still dangerously polluted. Most visibly, dead animals, tires, couches, and other large discarded items litter the bay. If left as-is, the debris will be more than an eyesore; it will likely alter the race results as well. If a boat collided with a partially submerged object, it would surely affect the outcome of the race in such a competitive fleet. Likewise, even small plastic bags can slow boats and inhibit steering by wrapping around blades. Appallingly, this isn’t the worst part of sailing in the bay. Almost seventy percent of Rio’s untreated sewage goes directly into the ocean, and Guanbara Bay’s sewage levels are consistently over the legal limit, which is much more lenient in Brazil than in the United States. Contact with this extremely contaminated water can cause Hepatitis A, cholera, dysentery and a multitude of other diseases. Sailors will without a doubt be exposed to the harmful water while competing, causing a worldwide outcry for more water testing and a change of venue. International sailors have referred to the sailing site as an open sewer, and even Brazilian sailors have spoken out in condemnation of Brazil’s inability to make good on promises for clearer and cleaner water for the 2016 games. For more information, check out this Guanabara Bay footage.

The buzz surrounding Guanabara Bay applies to more than just Olympians. It serves as a reminder to us all that we cannot reverse the damage our species has done to the ocean. It would take over a decade to significantly decrease Guanbara Bay’s pollution, and the wildlife and pure quality of water will never return. Imagine sailing through miles of murky water filled with debris. Instead of enjoying the smell of the ocean and the occasional salty spray, you cower away from the diseased water. There is no sea life in sight. A world without clean, healthy seas is a world without sailing the way we know and love it today. We are lucky enough to have the biggest playing field in the world, and it is our job to make sure it remains untainted.

Here are 10 easy ways you can help: Save the Ocean

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