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Yacht Tubbing

Yacht Tubbing

Summer Sailstice 2015 – Yacht Tubbing, Good Company, and Clipper Cove

Kira Maixner writes about her first Summer Sailstice experience.

A day to celebrate summer, sailing, and good company. I had never experienced the holiday before moving to the Bay and as a fairly new sailor, this year was my first, full on event. I joined the two-day flotilla hosted by Modern Sailing School and Club. I wasn’t sure what to expect, outside of an itinerary that, as sailing goes, was likely to change at any moment, and I have never spent a night on the San Francisco Bay. Regardless, I booked my boat, filled it with newbies, a few seasoned sailors, and headed out onto the Bay.

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Mega Expedition

Mega Expedition, Mega Incentives

As you may know ASA has been following and supporting the efforts of The Ocean Cleanup. We interviewed the founder, Boyan Slat, a few months ago. This project will have a positive impact on our oceans and this is a great opportunity to get involved – The Ocean Cleanup are even offering to cover all your costs associated with your participation in their Mega Expedition!

The Ocean Cleanup has developed the world’s first feasible method to clean up half of the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years’ time. But how many tons of garbage will be cleaned up? In order to determine the amount of plastic in the patch, we are organizing the largest ocean plastic expedition in history. During August this year, we will be crossing the Garbage Patch from Hawaii to California, with up to 50 boats in parallel. And you can be part of this historic event.


  • USD 10,000
    to boat owners (plus additional insurance coverage)
  • USD 3,500
    to skippers for helping us gather data
  • USD 500
    for any referrals leading to a boat signing up.


  1. Your contribution will help rid the oceans of plastic.
  2. You will get to visit the Great Pacific Garbage Patch yourself.
  3. A significant part of the costs will be covered by the ocean cleanup.
  4. Through its global coverage, your contribution will be internationally recognized.
  5. The Ocean Cleanup takes care of all equipment, logistics, and can arrange for a volunteer to do the measurements.


Stella Diamant, our Mega-Expedition Co-ordinator, for more information on +1 808 209 3521 or or on Skype stella.diamant.

Sailing Term Quiz

Sailing Terms Quiz

Okay, here’s a quick little quiz of sailing terms born from our Sailing Made Easy book. Test your sailing knowledge with these 5 questions – if you get them all right, the quiz will give you compliments. If you make a mistake, the quiz may act like a wise guy. Either way, it’s fun. Ready?

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Croatia Flotilla

The Challenges & Rewards of Sailing in The Mediterranean.

Often the first charter experience of newly minted bareboat charter certificate holders is with one of the many charter companies in the Caribbean or Florida but there are many other exciting destinations waiting to be discovered by our enthusiastic new seafarers.

One region that is mostly overlooked by American sailors is the Mediterranean but many rewards and unforgettable vacation memories await those who decide to sail these waters.

The Mare Nostrum of the Romans offers a wide choice of destinations, from Turkey to Greece, Italy, Croatia, France and Spain. Whereas most of the charter vacations in the Caribbean are taken in the winter, the Mediterranean is a summer destination.

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The Coast Guards New PFD Labeling

Coast Guard Announces New PFD Labeling

By Jeff Riecks, ASA Standards Coordinator

Recently the US Coast Guard (USCG) issued a final rule entitled Personal Flotation Devices Labeling and Standards. The rule became effective on October 22, 2014 and removes references to type codes in its regulations on the carriage and labeling of USCG-approved personal flotation devices (PFDs). From the rule published in the Federal Register / Vol. 79, No. 183 / September 22, 2014, the USCG states: “Removing type codes from our regulations will facilitate future incorporation by reference of new industry consensus standards for PFD labeling that more effectively convey safety information, and is a step toward harmonization of our regulations with PFD requirements in Canada and in other countries.”

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IQC at Sea Safaris Sailing School

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Conducting an Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC) in April on Lake Michigan can be a roll of the dice weatherwise. Over the 3.5 days of our clinic (ASA 201, 203, 205) we experienced chilly conditions and one day were rained out completely – but as any good sailors, we adjusted and worked through the requirements of the clinic and were blessed graduation day with perfect weather spring weather. This group of instructors came from both far and near – as far north as Sturgeon Bay in Northern Wisconsin as well as local sailors to Chicago. Hosted by Sea Safaris Sailing School and Captain Brian Earl, ASA IE, all of these sailors were accustom to the vagaries of early season sailing.

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IQC 203 Sailing Instructor Graduates

Raising the Bar at R&R

ASA would like to congratualate the latest group of sailing instructor graduates from an IQC hosted by R&R Charters and Sail School in Maryland.

The Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC) hosted multiple groups of instructors from April 24 through April 29. There were candidates for the ASA 201 Basic Keelboat, ASA 203 Basic Coastal Cruising, ASA 204 Bareboat Cruising, and ASA 218 Docking Endorsement.

“The weather was great with very nice winds and the 204 students had some of the best sailing we’ve seen since last fall.” reported David Renoll, Instructor Evaluator and owner of R&R Charters and Sail School. He went on to comment how “IQC candidates can vary so much from one year to the next, and the sailors in this IQC were great and will be excellent representatives for ASA.”.

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Ocean Cleanup Mega Expedition

The Ocean Cleanup Mega Expedition

As sailors we should all support efforts to protect our oceans and keep them clean. The Ocean Cleanup Mega Expedition, which will involve sailboats returning from Hawaii after the Transpac, will collect more plastic measurements in three weeks than have been collected in the past 40 years combined. This project is part of The Ocean Cleanup​ – a non profit foundation, pioneered by a 19 year old from The Netherlands, that is developing technologies to extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution.

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