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News - ASA Credentials

What you can do with your ASA sailing credentials

Many prospective students ask us why getting certified is so important. Couldn’t they pick up the same valuable sailing skills without passing a course and receiving a certificate? Sure, you can learn plenty from programs that don’t offer certification. For most people, however, learning how to sail isn’t the end game. By getting certified, you maximize the impact your new sailing skills can have on your life. Instead of being limited to sailing at home, you can explore the United States and even the world by sea! An ASA sailing certification is all you need to do what you love when and where you desire. Continue reading

News - Dinghy vs Yachts

Dinghy Sailing vs. Yacht Sailing

The kind of boat you choose to sail will define your relationship with the sport as a whole. Like wind and weather conditions, the boat is one part of the entire sailing experience. So what kind of boats are there, and which type is right for you? Many sailors transition from boat to boat depending on where they are and what sailboats they have access to, but many also stick to the same kind of boat for their entire lives! Here’s a quick overview of the two most common types of sailboats: dinghies and yachts. Continue reading

News - ASA Credentials

Combine Sailing Lessons With an International Vacation

Vacations are for rejuvenation and exploration, right? So why not one-up all the normal resort-goers and take sailing lessons at your vacation destination this summer! Sailing can be both relaxing and adventurous, so it’s the perfect sport to pick up on your next trip. Besides, who wouldn’t want to learn how to sail in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? Many popular vacation destinations have nearly ideal sailing conditions, so there’s nothing standing in your way. Continue reading

News - ASA Credentials

Sailing is a Great Way to Spend Quality Time with your Family

Whether you have a six-year-old son or a sixteen-year-old daughter, sailing is a wonderful bonding experience that everyone in the family will enjoy. Next time you suggest board games and the kids roll their eyes, try something new that you’ll delight in as well. The adventure-seeker in your family will be drawn to exploring new coastlines and traveling the world. The risk-taker will love the prospect of heavy-wind sailing through relentless seas. The artist will be inspired by the boat’s beautiful lines and the ocean’s ever-changing shades of blue and green. The athlete will catch sight of a fierce catamaran or laser and yearn to try it out. Even the indoor kid with an affinity for physics will find joy in understanding how everything works. Sailing really is for everyone. Continue reading