Discovering Love… and Sailing… with The Yacht Week

Here at ASA, we’re always thinking of all the various avenues folks can access the sport of sailing that we enjoy so much. We keep an eye on youth and collegiate sailing, the racing scene, world and local cruising and of course chartering. The latter, we find, is something many sailors aspire to and for good reason. It’s really fun, fulfilling and most often utterly fascinating. All that said; we understand that chartering is a big step and can be expensive and maybe a mite intimidating. It can involve foreign waters on an unfamiliar boat, maybe language barriers, and a good amount of responsibility insuring everyone stays safe while you’re leading the voyage.

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flags boat show

5 Reasons to Check Out the Miami Boat Show

Who doesn’t love a boat show? The 2016 Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show / Strictly Sail Miami is happening from February 11 – 15. Winter shows in warm locations are the best, so we decided to do a top 5 reasons for checking this one out! This list is completely skewed towards ASA because we will be there and want you to visit us!

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volvo crew

Sailing: A Sport Like No Other

Putting aside whether you’re into racing or not and just thinking about the broader world of sports, it’s interesting to consider sailing and particularly yacht racing within that greater context. All recognized sports, especially the mainstream variety, share a sense of drama and competition, but none involve the elements of the outside world quite like sailing. Using the high profile Volvo Ocean Race as an example, it’s fascinating that a sporting event incorporates the quotient of all-out adventure that a competition like this does. NASCAR is life and limb for sure and surfing melds the natural environment into the rules of the contest, but nothing really compares to a 40,000-mile circling of the planet on a high-speed Volvo 70.

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Arabella. Photo by Chris Tucker.

Amazing “Arabella” Photos From The BVIs

The “Arabella” just completed a voyage around the BVIs loaded with ASA members from all over the country. We were lucky enough to have Chris Tucker onboard and he shared some of his amazing photos with us… If you missed out on this once in a lifetime trip, not to worry, we’re doing it all over again in March – but hurry, there are only a few cabins left!!

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Judy James

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

If you’ve ever considered making sailing a livelihood, you’ll respect the path of Judy James, one of ASA’s recipients of the Outstanding Instructor honor.

Judy always gravitated towards water so when her husband bought a Tanzer 22 in the late 70s she was on her way. Although she confessed to being in “panic mode, waiting for the next gust to lay the boat over.” In fact, James admits that it probably took her longer than most to feel completely comfortable sailing. She describes it as a nervousness. But she kept at it and when she began to gain a confidence and expertise with sailing, she looked to pass on her knowledge and help others who want to sail but are a bit intimidated by all of it. After becoming ASA certified she did just that.

I wanted to help other nervous people learn enough to relax and enjoy the serenity of sailing and the beauty of water,” James says.

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News-2016-01-Anchoring Quiz

Anchoring Quiz

Anchoring is a giant part of the boating experience and we have to know how to do it well. Here’s a little anchoring quiz we’ve created from ASA’s Coastal Cruising Made Easy and Bareboat Cruising Made Easy. Answer wrong and you may have to suffer a wisecrack! Good luck!

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What's In A Rig, Wing Sail

What’s In A Rig? – Wingsail

What’s in a Rig Series # 8 – The Wingsail

Although wingsails or rigid wings have risen to the limelight in the contemporary sailing world with the America’s Cup now employing the technology across the board, they are in no way a brand new concept. A sail, after all, in its purest form is essentially a wing. So, through the decades, many designers, looking for optimum performance, have of course instituted rigid wings (just like that of an airplane). A notable example would be the so called Little America’s Cup, a long-standing catamaran contest based around the pursuit of pure speed.

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