Bob Diamond

A Sailing Diamond

Bob Diamond has been teaching beginning-sailors the ropes for a good long time and has been an instructor at Spinnaker Sailing in Redwood City, California since 1984. Although he is happy to be recognized as one of ASA’s Outstanding Instructors, it’s not necessarily a new feeling – he’s actually been singled out for the honor seven other times through the years.

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Hands Across The Sea Sweepstakes

2015 Hands Across The Sea Sweepstakes

ASA is partnering with Sunsail Yacht Charters, LTD Sailing “Living The Dream!”, and Elite Island Resorts to support the mission of Hands Across the Sea, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising child literacy levels in the Eastern Caribbean. When you donate to Hands Across the Sea through this page you’ll be automatically entered in our sweepstakes, and you’ll be helping Hands provide much-needed books and literacy resources to children from pre-school to high school in the Eastern Caribbean.
Play the one-minute video to see how your donation to Hands Across the Sea helps Caribbean kids!

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Docking Video Quiz

Docking Made Easy Quiz…

Cruising World / Beneteau America

Cruising World presents “Docking Made Easy” an ASA educational video in association with Beneteau America.

Watch the video and then take our fun docking quiz!!

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Mega Expedition Conclusion Video

ASA was in San Francisco for the conclusion of the Mega Expedition…

As the boats returned to San Francisco and the Mega Expedition came to an end Boyan Slat talked about their initial findings. After 30 boats spent the month of August traversing the Great Pacific Garbage patch they collected more samples than have been collected in the last 40 years. Their research casts a new light on the problem of plastic pollution and it’s severity. In the next 10 years The Ocean Cleanup will be working to try and remove up to half of the worlds harmful plastic pollution in the oceans.

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GT bay

ASA’s New Horizons – Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan

We have a new series called New Horizons, which  will take a look at the many cruising grounds and sweet sailing spots in the US and abroad. We’ve asked the folks from the vast network of ASA schools to help us out and give us the skinny on the cool places they call home. Nothing like getting the lowdown from a local. We all know the BVIs are great, but what about the places we haven’t heard of? This is going to be fun!

First up is Grand Traverse Bay / Lake Michigan. We asked Rod Call from Great Lakes Sailing Company in Michigan about sailing in the gorgeous waters of the north.

There are quite a few things that always come up when we talk about sailing in our neck of the woods,” said Call. “The water.Crystal clear. Green. You’d think you were in the Caribbean if it weren’t for the pine trees dotting the shoreline. Also, that it’s freshwater – or as we call it ‘unsalted Sailing’. You go for a swim…no need to rinse off. And, that it’s a mostly easy place to sail. The waters of Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan are deep. And the shallows are green and crystal clear. So if you are near, or in, green water…you know to check your depth.

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Instructor Qualification Clinic IQC

Become A Sailing Instructor this Fall

Are you a sailor that feels the need to share your knowledge & love of sailing with others?

The American Sailing Association was organized to establish national standards for sailing instructor certification in the United States. We take experienced instructors and expert sailors and give them the tools they need to become certified sailing instructors.

ASA Sailing Instructor clinics test existing skills and knowledge while teaching a structured curriculum and proven presentation techniques.

Take the challenge and attend an ASA Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC) this Fall!

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Mega Expedition LIVE

ASAs Exclusive Report from the Pacific Garbage Patch

“Just beneath the surface you find all these things you wouldn’t see otherwise…” ASA interviews Stella Diamant, The Mega Expedition Coordinator, via satellite phone from the middle of the Pacific Garbage Patch! Her first hand account of the plastic pollution in the oceans is quite revealing. Boyan Slat, the founder of The Ocean Cleanup, is quite content with results from The Mega Expedition – there is a lot of analysis ahead but so far the “largest research effort of it’s kind” is a success.

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Stella Diamant - Mega Expedition Coordinator

Stella Diamant, Mega Expedition Coordinator

Stella Diamant - Mega Expedition Coordinator

Stella Diamant works for The Ocean Cleanup. She is currently in the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch sailing on a Gunboat 66 called Extreme H2O collecting plastic pollution samples as part of the Mega Expedition that she helped put together.

I was raised in Brussels, Belgium and attended an international school. I have always been environmentally conscious and even as a young person I would give speeches in my classes about climate change etc. I have always enjoyed wide open spaces and nature, and spent a good part of my childhood riding horses and climbing trees.

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Plastic Pollution Quiz

ASA Quiz – Sailing Around the Plastic Pollution Issue

As we further promote the efforts of The Ocean Cleanup (and the Mega Expedition) aimed to rid the world’s oceans of toxic plastic, we thought it might be cool to create a quiz about the subject. As sailors, we believe the oceans need help and protection. Our hope is all sailors will do what they can, individually and collectively, to reduce plastic consumption and thereby alleviate what the oceans and the living beings that live there are being asked to bear. Remember – today it’s the fish, turtles and seabirds – tomorrow it’s us. Okay sermon over – take the quiz – it’s actually fun! Photo courtesy of Turning the Tide and Sons of Norway.

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