Learn to Sail From Experts

You can learn and master practically every sailing skill by working with the instructors at our ASA certification facilities. Our Basic Keelboat 101 class makes it possible to learn to sail safely and effectively after just one course. And when you're ready to move forward into more advanced territory, there are courses that will equip you with the skills you need to navigate by watching the stars, adapt your courses to weather conditions, cruise coastal waters and much more. Before you attempt to understand how to sail any other way, be sure to carefully review all that the ASA offers. As the first name in sailing instruction and the leader in certification for more than 25 years, the ASA provides a level of expertise and reliability that you won't find anywhere else.

Discover How to Sail Safely

When engaged in properly, sailing can be one of the most relaxing and freeing experiences in life. But that isn't to say that there aren't certain risks inherent in the sport. If you and your crew know how to sail safely and skillfully, these risks can be controlled and minimized. But without the proper training, a relaxing day out on the waves can quickly become a dangerous ordeal.

Enrolling in sailing lessons with one of the ASA's many affiliated schools is the first step to equipping yourself with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to sail with confidence and security. And if fears of the water or of making sailing errors have prevented you from becoming more involved in the activity, these classes can allow you to remove the anxiety and uncertainty keeping you from enjoying your time out on the water.

Sailing Lessons in Numerous Disciplines

The ASA course catalog contains a little bit of everything so that members can learn at an appropriate level regardless of how much experience they have when they join. Sailing lessons for beginners are available at affiliate schools all over the country, including top sailing spots like the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego and the British Virgin Islands.

Several more advanced classes are also available to students that wish to bring themselves up to the ASA Standards, which you can read about in greater detail on asa.com. For those that learn to sail in accordance with ASA Standards, an ASA "Challenge" test can be taken at any certification facility.

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